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About Us

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Mortgage Rescue US, LLC is network of Independent Sales Professionals offering Debt Management services to homeowners behind on their mortgage. With over eight years of operating history and continued growth,we have not incurred any company debt.

As a team, we help homeowners either bring their mortgage current, or sell their home to avoid Foreclosure. We Pre-Qualify all of our clients for assistance based on their income, expenses, hardship and down payment available. Our primary focus is on FHA loans. However, we can also provide assistance for conventional, home equity and VA loans.

We consult with homeowners 1st to make sure they qualify based on the lender guidelines. Then we began negotiations with the lender on the homeowner’s behalf. This process also helps the lenders avoid Foreclosure and allows them to start receiving monthly payments again. We provide a win-win solution for the homeowner and we assist the lenders in avoiding Foreclosure and bringing past due accounts current.

Mortgage Rescue US is based in Dallas, Texas. We currently operate in DFW, Austin, Houston
and San Antonio Texas.

Corporate Office
Mortgage Rescue US, LLC
100 Crescent Court 7th Floor
Dallas, TX 75201

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